Paul J

Paul J was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Northern Illinois. His life has always been about the music. Paul J first learned about music while walking past his older brother Joe’s room… he was 9 and only had a bunch of Beatles, Monkees and other AM Gold 45’s.

One day, the 9 year old Paul J stopped by the open door of Joe’s Room… stuck his head in and said “What are we listening to?” Joe turned to his little brother and said “Black Sabbath… and don’t touch my records”. You know Paul J couldn’t wait to get a hold of them records and start that musical education!

Joining the Military in 1979, Paul J furthered his musical education with Jazz, R&B, Soul, Blues, and early Rap!

He brings to the listeners a whole mess of Genres: Acid Jazz to Zydeco and all Genres in between. He went from being a Roadie, to Lead Singer of a Blues/Rock band in Southeastern Wisconsin, to a Producer on WLCB.

Check out Paul J’s Rock N Roll stories, guests, and of course, all them Genres… Sunday nights from 6 to 8pm on WLCB 101.5 FM the number one station for Genres!!!

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